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“Using advanced technology and unparalleled expertise to protect what matters to you.”

What We Do for Our Customers

Xtreme Network Security is a partner to commercial businesses and facilities, specializing in healthcare centers and hospitals. We believe in listening to our clients’ needs, guiding, and advising decisions to ensure thorough, high-quality installations; whether they be structured cabling, access control or surveillance cameras. Our work doesn’t stop there. We pride ourselves on our ability to create relationships and build trust with our clients, which allows us to perform maintenance and provide support to keep your business running smoothly. Our business is protecting yours.

What We Do for Our Employees

In order to provide our signature level of service, Xtreme has high standards for all employees. We find team members and technicians with potential, determination and drive. Our employees are given the tools, training, and leadership needed to succeed and excel. We believe that internal communication is just as important to our success as communication with our clients. For this reason, we regularly hold meetings to review and establish new procedures and practices, as well as ensuring our team and employees as individuals are satisfied and receiving the support they need. Our team is not only how we get the job done. They are a critical component of what defines us as a company.

What We Do for Our Community

As an Austin, TX based company Xtreme is fortunate enough to be surrounded by, and work with, amazing charitable and non-profit organizations. As local members of the community we strive to participate in volunteer opportunities, contribute to monetary and material donation drives and promote awareness of the services available by organizations such as the SAFE Alliance, the Ronald McDonald House Charities and more.

Our investment in the community in which we serve is important and we show it by giving back.